The fmod integration tutorial is god awful for noobs

There are screenshots showing all the most basic stuff that a toddler could get through without them, yet when it comes to deleting the audio scripts, there are no screenshots. How are we (ultimate noobs) supposed to know what it means to “delete all calls to playsound” In a part of the script like this →

void PlaySound(AudioClip sound)
if (!sound)

if (!m_AudioSource)
    m_AudioSource = gameObject.AddComponent<AudioSource>();
    m_AudioSource.outputAudioMixerGroup = AudioUtility.GetAudioGroup(AudioUtility.AudioGroups.HUDObjective);



where is the call? I deleted all of that and ended up with compilation errors. Please include screenshots of the parts of the script to be deleted. zzzzzzzzzzz

The FMOD for Unity and Unreal integration tutorials do assume some basic level of understanding coding to follow along. It would unfortunately be a much longer tutorial if it was also teaching coding fundamentals such as variables, calls, and functions.

What you have posted in the creation of the function PlaySound. A “call” in this context would be any time the function PlaySound is used. You will need to delete every single time PlaySound is used. You should be able to do a search in Visual Studio across the entire Unity project for anytime it’s called. Once they are all gone the game should build without error.