Nested Events and the "Stopping" trigger

Hey there,

I am trying to build up an additive score using nested events. My plan was to loop the timeline over a nested event until some trigger will break that loop. At this point the nested event should trigger its “Stopping” condition and end properly, but all it does is just cut off once the timeline event ends. Is it possible to achieve this kind of behavior or do I need to use transitions and parameters for this?

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Did you simply try to set AHDSR (especially R) on the nested event? What do you mean by “end properly”? Please give us some screenshots and informations, for a more precise answer.

Yeah, AHDSR did kind of solve the problem, thank you! I also figured out that there are such things as magnet regions - must have missed the patch nodes.

By “end properly” I meant that the event optimally should have ended like the event would stop if it was normally forced to, not simply be cut of because the nested region is not continuing. But I suppose that’s not a thing! But AHDSR and Magnet Regions should do it. Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

But how would stop the event if it was normally forced to? It would only trigger its release, if set (and if stop is set to “allow fadeout”). So it will behave exactly the same when untriggering a nested event with a release set up.

It would indeed behave differently because I placed a transition region controlled by a “Stopping” trigger to it. So it would not fade out, but end the track by transitioning to an ending sequence. But I also found out that there are command events now, so I can force the nested event to stop manually. Love to see that FMOD gets more and more feature rich! ^^

Indeed, untriggering a nested event isn’t strictly equivalent to stopping it, when using “stop event” conditions. But you’ll neither be able to stop the nested event by a command event (you can only stop event by calling the top hierarchy event). However, you’ll be able to achieve what you want with a command instrument and a boolean parameter instead!

It sounds like your top-level event might be stopping itself once the timeline playback position escapes the loop region and leaves the right edge of the content in your event. If the parent event stops, any nested or referenced events playing through that parent event are stopped immediately, as there is no longer a parent event for them to play through.

Try setting the top-level event to be persistent, and see if that helps. Of course, if you make your top-level event persistent, it won’t end naturally, so you’ll have to manually stop it after allowing the nested event’s stopping behavior to play out.