Nested Events not looping as expected - Fmod Studio 2.02

Hi there,

I have a group of nested events that I am switching between using magnet regions.
I need each of them to continue to loop internally rather than in the parent event timeline.
Some are doing this and others not…am I missing something in the latest version of studio?
This used to work for me but seems inconsistent now and I don’t see any looping options in the dock?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say what’s happening here or what the solution might be without being able to examine your project.

That being said, as of the time of writing (June of 2023), if the event referenced by an event instrument will not predictably end in bounded time (which most commonly occurs if the event contains a transition from a later point in the timeline to an earlier point), that event instrument is stopped immediately upon being untriggered. Could that explain the behavior you’re seeing?