Networking with FMOD

(Marc Fraedrich) #1

Hey Everybody,

Got some issues with FMOD and Unreal Engines Replication System. I’m using UE4.17.

From the Server I call a function called NetPlayFmodEvent:
void NetPlayFmodEvent(FVector Location, UFMODEvent * Event);

this calls
UFMODBlueprintStatics::PlayEventAtLocation(GetWorld(), Event, Location, true);

until this everything should be good.
The only issue I have is that the event doesn’t get played on the clients.
What am I doing wrong?
Also I checked out the UFMODAudioComponent. When I’m trying to set the FMODEvent the engine says something like:
[2017.10.17-23.42.02:662][390]LogNetPackageMap: Warning: FNetGUIDCache::SupportsObject: FMODEvent /Game/FMOD/Events//Weapons/Revolver_Fire.Revolver_Fire NOT Supported.
Which leaves me to FMODEvents are not supported for replication.

Hope someone can help me with this.


(Cameron Baron) #2

By default, no FMODEvents do not support replication.
UFMODAudioComponents can be replicated but I’m not sure what the warning you mentioned means as I haven’t come across it.

It does look like something we could add to our integration, I will add it to our tracker and we can investigate further.

Epic’s doc’s mention replicating UObject’s in particular here:

(Marc Fraedrich) #3

Thanks for the reply.
It would be great if that get’s implemented.