[Question/Request] Any plans to utilize 4.11's sound occlusion data?

So UE4 4.11 Came out today, including a neat ‘sound occlusion’ feature.

Do you plan to make use of this feature? to hijack it if you will? :wink:

I’m sure it’ll take scrounging through the source first to really find out and answer, but here’s the question for now!


As you’ve noticed we haven’t released an official version that is built against 4.11 yet, although it already works with 4.11 if you just rebuild it yourself. I’ve added some info to this post:

In terms of sound occulusion, I agree its a cool feature and it would be good to support it in the FMOD integration. I don’t have an eta on it at this stage yet though.


Getting proper UE4 occlusion for our FMOD sounds is a huge priority for us. I would love to know when there will be an update on an ETA or if it will be happening.

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We’ll update this Q/A when we have more progress on it.

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Agreed, we cant ship without Occlusion.

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