New to Fmod, How to implement different audio sources on 1 item ( a weapon ) ?

Hello here,

So i’m new to Fmod and implementation in general, got into it because im doing a Ludum Dare game jam.
We re doing a shooter game in Unity, and i felt way more confortable working with Fmod to implement, instead on working directly in Unity ( dont like the interface for sound, and as a sound engineer, music composer, sound designer, i felt like home working in Fmod ).

The issue im experiencing :

So I add an Fmod Studio Event Emitter to a prefabs AK bullet. When you shoot, a bullet sound can be heard. This work well.
But then I want to add the “reload weapon” sound, so once again i go to the prefabs but this time on the AK itself ( not the bullet ). There is a script for the whole item including shooting ammo, loader empty, and reloading.
From here i add a new Fmod Studio Event Emitter, i want to add the reloading sound. Here is my problem : in the “play event” section, i can’t find the option that triggers the “reloading action”. If i tick “object start” or “object enable”, the reloading sound is heard when i get in the game, which is not what i want.

Does anyone know if I can find a solution, or does it come from the weapon script itself that needs to be rewritten based on the fact that the sound designer will use Fmod to implement the sound ?

Im going to implement directly via Unity as the deadline is in a few hours. but if anyone knows about it, hit me up please ! would help me a lot on this project and on future ones.

Thanks in advance,


To use the trigger options like object start/enable you would have to enable the object, it might be easier to create an event emitter, leave the play and stop empty and play the sound yourself in code.

FMOD.StudioEventEmitter emitter;
// get reference to emitter

Or you create an instance and play it as needed, see the scripting page for more info.