No sound from Event Emitter, aside when object created - EventRef; OneShotSound; Fmod 2.02.07; Unity 2021.3

Hi all, I am very new to Fmod and coming from a healthy Wwise background.

I am running into an issue in Unity where I cannot get UI sounds to play via ‘FMOD Studio Event Emitters’, nor by writing a script to play a sound when an event is referenced.

None of the Events from the Event Emitter trigger the sound aside from Object Start (pic below). I can play audio triggered by Object Start but nothing else. Soundbanks are loaded.

I have searched through forum posts and tutorials but I am completely lost. I feel like I am missing something really simple. I have found a lot of resources which resolve my problems using the deprecated EventRef function…

Resources that I have found but which were not helpful. (edit can only attach two, being a new user)


Mouse Enter is intended to work on GUI elements explained in the Unity Docs here: Unity - Scripting API: GUI

To have a UI Button make a sound when the mouse highlights it you could do something like this:

using UnityEngine; 
using UnityEngine.EventSystems; 

public class MouseOver : MonoBehaviour, IPointerEnterHandler
    public FMODUnity.EventReference hoverSound;

	public void OnPointerEnter(PointerEventData eventData)
		FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot(hoverSound, this.transform.position);

This will play a OneShot whenever the mouse hovers over the button. Important bits are using UnityEngine.EventSystems and IPointerEnterHandler.

I’ll make a note to add in the docs this is a bit confusing.