No audio in normal build, works in development build

So here’s what’s happening. Everything with FMOD works perfectly in the editor and in the development build. But when I try to build the outside of a development build, no audio plays. I’ve disabled unity audio, I’ve quadruple checked in the settings that the build path has banks in them. no avail.

Does FMOD Studio iniitialize when you are running a release build? Enable Live Update in the release build in the Unity FMOD settings, connect to that port and see if you are able to detect any problems.

Hey I was just wondering if you ever found a solution for this. I’m currently facing this exact problem and have no idea why its not working.

Are you able to share the FMOD Studio project with this issue? I’ve not been able to replicate this problem on our machines.

Oh! I apologize for the late reply, so how I fixed this particular issue was, get this, for whatever reason the package for unity downloaded directly from the FMOD site, was somehow incomplete, not sure why. But when I reinstalled it from the Unity Asset store instead, it showed in the package import that there were files, not out of date but missing entirely! I recommend getting the package from the asset store, it may just be the solve you’re looking for.