Why is audio working in the Unity editor and development builds, but not non-development builds?

I am using Unity and FMOD for a small game project, and am having trouble getting the audio to work in regular builds. The audio works as expected in the editor and also development builds, but for some reason there is something going wrong with the non-dev builds.

I have googled around this issue quite a bit and haven’t had much luck in finding a solution. I have tried switching the FMOD default settings to have Live Update enabled with the default port, but this is also a little finicky. The only other relevant information I saw was that sometimes FMOD isn’t initialized for some reason and sometimes it has to do with using FMOD’s event emitter objects. I am using these quite a lot since they having a useful eventEmitter.IsPlaying() method.

Thanks for the help!

What versions of FMOD and Unity are you using?
What platform/s are you building and testing for?
Are you getting any errors/warnings or logs?