No audio on Oculus Go

Double checked that all the steps were followed correctly. FMOD plug folder is in my project folder, plugins.txt is in the ‘Binaries/Android’ folder with ‘OculusSpatializerFMOD’ as the contents, ‘FMOD’ directory added to ‘Directories to Package’ in Packaging settings, ‘OculusSpatializerFMOD’ listed in ‘Plugins’ field in Unreal, Android platform added within FMOD Studio and built to all platforms.

Audio works fine in Unreal Engine 4.20 with spatializer and no audio plays when built to the Oculus Go. In the output log there is one line that says Unreal is looking for the folder ‘FMODStudio/Binaries/Android/x86’ and it can’t be found, but I don’t believe this folder does/should exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I’m using FMOD Studio 1.10.09, Unreal 4.20, and Oculus Spatializer 1.29.0. I tried removing the Oculus Spatializer plugin and I’m still getting no audio.

Are you able to send the output log to and we can look into this further.

Cameron - The output log from Unreal or from running the project on my Go? From the Go the best output log I can access right now is through the Android bridge (adb). Please advise which you need and I’ll get it over to you. Thanks!

The log from the built game, if using development build, would be best. Although the log from Unreal may also have useful information.

Sent the output log from Unreal but I’m having a hard time logcat-ing my Go. There seemed to be some pretty blatant errors in the Unreal output though. Hoping that will help you guys figure out my problem. Thanks!

…And now all of a sudden the sound is working without Oculus Spatializer, at least. I’m going to try to add it and I’ll let you know. I didn’t change anything, so I’m not sure what the issue was.