FMOD Oculus Go no sound

Hi all.
Trying to make spatial sound for Oculus Go app. I made event in FMOD studio and add it to UE 4.19.2. No any sound after deployment. But when I hit play from desktop with Oculus DK2 sound plays and it spatialized. Any ideas? Thanks.

Having this same issue. I’ve done everything in the link listed below (added FMOD to ‘Directories to Package’ in Unreal, added plugins.txt with ‘OculusSpatializerFMOD’ to Android folder, added Android to platforms in FMOD Studio and built to all platforms). Sound works fine in Unreal and nothing on the Go.

Hi Jesse,

Do you get any errors in the logs when trying to play on Android?

all fixed, wrote in other comment here

Same issue here. Please help.

From what i am understanding, the plugin is working with x64, but a warning occurs while packaging for mobile about no directories found for x86.

I found solution in fmod documentation. Here is it
Works great.