No audio playback devices available at this time

hi. i am loading the studio for the first time, and i get this dialogue-box # No audio playback devices available at this time #. i cant seem to find anywhere to select audio outputs, even though ive been looking through the manual, forum and youtubevids… anyone has the answer?

im on a mac pro with mavericks and an avid omni interface

Studio uses the default playback device from your control panel. Is that in use or is it disabled somehow?

Hi Brett

The default Audio Device is not disabled or blocked by another program.

There seems to be a problem with AVID CoreAudio Driver 11 and the Audio MIDI Setup working together.
You can not configure speakers, save and use the setup if its a Surround. Which make it impossible for some Surround capeable programs like FMOD that can not force acces to an Audio Device to use the AVID CoreAudio Driver 11.