No Instant Transition to Destination with Transition Region

Hey There,
ive got problems figuring out the Transition/Destination behaviour.
My Problem:

I have a Transition Region That is set to Jump to a Stop Marker, when the Event is Stopping (to create a smooth fadeout with a fadeout sample).

When the Trigger condition is set to “not stopping”, it jumps Instantly to the stop Marker, the moment the Timeline Cursor hits the Transition Region. But since this is a looping Setup, i set the Trigger Condition for the Region to “Stopping” expacting, that now i loop my region and the moment i hit the Stop Event, it jumps over to the Marker. But it doesnt. There is a delay from around 300 - 500ms bevore transitioning. This results multiple of problems. It doesnt sound good in most cases and because i have multiple regions set to multiple end samples (the longer the loop, the longer the fadeout sample) it is possible, that the Event Stop is triggered just before changing loop and Transition regions and the result is, that the Event Cursor moves into the new region within the 300ms delay and triggers the fadeout from that 2nd region.

ive tried to leave gaps between them, but this results in soundgaps (bad :))

Why is this happening, do i misunderstand some condition/trigger/region specific setting? Ive found nothing in the docs and in different transition based forum topics i found the opposite, that the default transition behaviour should be instant?

And i think they had the same issue but never recieved an answer:

Hope you understand my problem and can help, thank you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, without more information about the design of your event, there’s no way for us to know what’s causing this behavior. Are you able to upload a stripped-down version of your project containing this event to the uploads section of your profile page?

Thanks joseph, did it.
Here is also a Screenshot of the Event for reference.
2. Transition Regions (First > To Stop B, Second> To Stop, Both set with trigger condition STOPPING)

Looking at the project you sent, one of the assets in your event is set to stream. Events that contain streaming assets have significantly longer scheduling look ahead due to the need to schedule changes to the stream buffer; if you locate the asset in your assets browser and set it to not stream, the latency when stopping the event will drop significantly.

There will still be approximately 40 milliseconds of latency. This is unavoidable, because changes to “what’s about to play” have to be made and processed at least one update in advance of when they will occur, and Studio’s default update rate is 20 ms. It should, however, be much less noticeable.

While looking at your event, I noticed that there is an “event state: not stopping” trigger condition on the instruments, as well as on the transition region. The condition on the instruments is unnecessary, and will result in a brief audible period of silence when the event enters the “stopping” playback state; I therefore recommend removing it from the instruments, but keeping the conditions on the logic markers.