Using event state stopping results in slight delay

Hi. I have a weapon that is firing fast.
I put the fast part in a looping region. I then created a destination marker called “tail”.
At the tail location, I have the tail sound of my fast firing weapon.
On top of the looping region, I have created a transition region with the destination “tail”.
I then set up a rule in the destination region that says “Event state=stopping”.
That way, I can press play and the weapon will fire in a loop. Then I press stop and it plays the tail part.
The problem is that I have a slight delay when going from the looping part to the tial part, upon pressing stop. Enough so that you notice it.
What am I doing wrong?

Using fmod studio 2.01.07


Is there a transition timeline attached to the transition region? (If there is, there will be a small circle on the transition region.) It sounds like you don’t need a transition timeline in this event, so if there is one, remove it by right-clicking on the transition timeline and selecting “Remove Transition Timeline” from the context menu.

I made a new event and built it from scratch and for some reason it is working now. Thanks:)