No sound output possible after updating Studio Low Level /Core API from 1 to 2

In my player I replaced the fmod.dll from Version 1.10.18 to 2.00.06 (both the latest versions).
Seems to run stable, but I cannot hear anything (both with x64 and x32 versions) (Spektrum showing same levels)

I checked the fmod changelogs but could not find anything that could cause this.
So I checked the FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE declarations and found those changed heavily.
Sadly, not only the IDs have changed. My player supports FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_DSOUND (#6 in 1.10) and FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WINMM (#7 in 1.10). Both are now missing.

Due the changed IDs, my player should currently run FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WASAPI (#6 in 2.6) or FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_ASIO (#7 in 2.6) instead.
However I should hear sond, at least with WASAPI? (I have no ASIO software installed)

Running Windows 7 64bit

WASAPI is the default in Windows now and needs nothing special to setup, are you using something pre-Windows 7? Winmm and dsound are old/deprecated and emulated these days.

Check the examples, they all run in default audio mode so you should hear something.


seems there was an error in my app about which soundcard was actually used, which with the changed output modes unluckily ended up using my third sound-card. That soundcard is used only for my external microphpne and not plugged to any speaker. It’s disabled in Windows, but I guess still available for ASIO.

So, problem solved I guess. Thanks for your help.