No surround output from Unity

I’m currently using the Fmod - Unity integration version 1.05.08, and when I’m monitoring the audio coming from Unity to Fmod Studio I only get a stereo output on the Master Bus, instead of a surround output like I would get if I previewed the events inside Fmod Studio.

Any idea why this is happening?


The mixer buses will default to however many channels the system can output. You can force the mix to a specific format, and let a down-mix happen at the very end.

Try adding this to FMOD_StudioSystem.cs at line 281

    FMOD.System lowlevel;
    ERRCHECK(system.getLowLevelSystem(out lowlevel));
    ERRCHECK(lowlevel.setSoftwareFormat(0, FMOD.SPEAKERMODE._5POINT1, 0));

It works!

Thank you so much…