Object Spatializer and Reverb Snapshot not working together


Alright, so I learned that the Object Spatializer does not go through the normal signal chain but directly to object mixer and that’s the reason why Snapshots ain’t working. So the question I have now is, how to manualy route the signal from the Object Spatialised event to a main mixer, so it participates in Snapshot modifications? I tried creating a send from the master track of the event but with no luck so far.
I’d be greatful for any help


I experience some problems with Object Spatializer in Unreal Engine 4.23. I have set up some Snapshots which trigger Reverbs inside Unreal. The problem is, when I have an object with an Object Spatializer set on it’s event - the reverb won’t have any effect on this particular object.
I’d really like to use Object Spatializer on some game props because the panning seems to be way more natural, but can’t have those sounds without reverberation.
Please help


You can have sends to return buses before the object spatializer in events. These buses can be affected by snapshots and are independent from the object spatializers routing.

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Thank you for the answer. The snapshots work indeed when I put the send before the Object Spatializer which goes to Return Bus which is affected by the Snapshots, but there is another issue - I can hear that spatialized objects sounds are duplicated - there is one going through the reverb and one completely dry and centered. I think I might have made a mistake in the routing. Heres my setup. I have simple clock event and it’s master bus has a post send going to the Return in mixer which then is affected by the Snapshots, then after the send - the Object Spatializer. When I try to preview my sound on playbaback using active snapshot and 3dpanner preview I get two sounds, one is not spatialized, second Spatialized and with reverb. Should I put a send after the Object Spatializer?
Looking forward for your answer

It sounds like you have some Dry still mixed in with your return bus. I’m assuming you’re using a reverb on the return bus. Could you put the Dry property down to -oodB so that only Wet sound is coming through?

I think I could have misexplained something. I’ve set a send in the event which routes to Bus, which then is modificated by the Snapshots when conditions are met. Then in the event editor, after this Send I have Object Spatializer. The problem is that I can hear Snapshot modificated version of the event without spatial and also hear the Spatialized version of it without Snapshot modification.
It’s understandable, because I send the event before Object Spatilizer to the Bus which is modified by the snapshots and then the event goes through the spatializer and outputs it’s non modified spatialized version together.
What I want to achieve is just Event with object spatializer modified by the snapshot i.e. Reverb. Please let me know If I could make my explanation better by sending you some screenshots or something.

After consulting with the team, there is a way to have both spatialized returns and using the object spatializer, however it is a little messy.

  1. Add a “submix” track to your event
  2. Reroute all other tracks to this submix track (right click on the track head, select Reroute > Submix Track)
  3. Add a return track that this submix sends to
  4. In this return track, put the normal spatializer and a send to your return bus in the mixer with reverb
  5. Have the object spatializer on the master track of this event

You now have a spatialized send to an effect return bus and the event itself is still utilizing the object spatializer. This is unfortunately the limitations of using the object spatializer.

Great! That works, although you can hear subtle “cloner” effect, this Solution works and it’s by far the best. Great thanks for help and for managing this problem so quickly.
Lots of love to Fmod team, you guys are doing wonderful job!