Occlusion snapshot


I’m working on creating an occlusion system. So I created an occlusion snapshot on an “Occlusion” bus. Then I add a snapshot instrument on each event I want occluded, and I can get the effect I want.

The thing is that I want to disable this snapshot when it’s not needed, so it’s better from a performance point of view (I think I saw somewhere it was possible to disable a snapshot). Because even if the occlusion parameter is at 0, the snapshot is still processed.

I don’t know if I was totally clear, but let me know ! Thanks !

Is your occlusion parameter also automating your occlusion snapshot’s intensity?

No, I’m only automating a low pass filter. I think i made my explanation misunderstood. The occlusion works just fine. What I want is to disable the snapshot if I don’t need it. Like, not only at value 0, but literally disabled. Correct me if I’m wrong, but It seems logical to me that the snapshot is processed at each frame if I don’t disable it, right ?

You can stop the snapshot like any normal event. But I wonder why you use a snapshot in the first place. Why not just a normal parameter?

I don’t use normals parameters because they can’t be disabled when they are not used, and their performance cost is not negligible. I’m working on a pretty big project, so I need to very meticulous on the performance and not waste any. Again, maybe I’m missing something on the engine side of FMOD, but to change a parameter value, it must be continuously checked on each frame, so not really performance friendly.

As said @jojojo, a snapshot is just a type of event. It’s either playing or stopped. If stopped, it shouldn’t use any CPU.

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Okay, this is more clear now, thank you all for your answers !

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