Snapshot that Applies Lowpass as Camera Zooms Out

I’m trying to create a snapshot that adds a lowpass filter gradually as the camera zooms out. What I have right now works within FMOD. When I audition one sound and play the snapshot, the sound changes as you play with the zoom parameter. However, when I go to live preview the project, the snapshot filter seems to always be in full lowpass mode (so it’s at least recognizing the snapshot right?) and changing the parameter does nothing.

Another thing I’ve noticed with regards to this snapshot is that, when the snapshot is not playing in the mixer, all the sounds are affected as if the parameter is maxed out as well and only when I turn the snapshot on can i hear my sounds normally.

It seems obvious that these two things are related but I can’t seem to figure out what is going on.

How are you updating the snapshot instance’s parameter value in your game’s code?