FMOD 1.08.12 + Audio SDK 1.1.0 validation crash with UE 4.13.1

I don’t know whether it’s FMOD’s or Oculus’ or both issue, but after trying new Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.0 I got crash during validation of FMOD:

Pastebin of the crash report:

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks beforehand

P.S. New Audio SDK plugins work fine with FMOD Studio 1.08.12 - they show up in FMOD Studio and seem to be working.

At this stage we haven’t tested the new 1.1.0 SDK, so it’s possible there is some conflict with the embedded version in our UE4 plugin. If you are blocked by this I’d recommend rolling back to the previous until it has been investigated.

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Does Version 1.08.13 support Oculus Audio SDK 1.1.0 ?

With UE 4.13.1 came changes that were causing the validation crash which is fixed in 1.08.14 and will be available shortly. The warnings about the Oculus plugin missing in the editor can be ignored as the plugin is not being loaded until runtime, this will be fixed in the future.