Migrating a FMOD Studio project to a newer version?

I have a FMOD Studio project that was created using an earlier version of Studio and I want to move to the latest release. How do I do that?

Migrating to a newer version of Studio is usually a straightforward process of loading your existing project with the version of Studio you want to upgrade to. Studio will prompt you to proceed with the migration when you attempt to load a project created using an earlier Studio version. Depending on the size of your project and the version, the time it takes to migrate can range from one to twenty minutes. While the migration process is non destructive, meaning nothing is overwritten until the project is saved, we highly recommend making a backup of the project prior to starting the process. Once you have migrated and saved, you will not be able to load the project using earlier versions of Studio.

If there are multiple users working on your project, you should appoint one person as the migration delegate. Before you migrate, if you are using any version control, all users should commit their outstanding changes to the server. If you are instead using a shared drive or cloud storage, you should ensure that the version of your project on the drive or cloud storage includes all users’ outstanding changes. Once all the changes are in, the migration delegate needs to retrieve the project and perform the migration as described in the paragraph above. Once they have migrated and and saved the project, the delegate should commit the new version to the revision control server if you are using one; If you are using any other form of project sharing that does not keep track of the file changes (e.g.: removal of existing files, addition of new files), we recommend a full replacement of the old project with the newly migrated one to avoid there being any obsolete items hanging around in the project folder.

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