On a new machine, 4 month old project, newest integration fail

What is this?

FMOD Studio: Encounterd Error: ERR_VERSION The version number of this file format is not supported.
FMODUnity.EditorUtils:CheckResult(RESULT) (at Assets/Plugins/Editor/FMOD/EditorUtils.cs:26)
FMODUnity.EventManager:UpdateCache() (at Assets/Plugins/Editor/FMOD/EventManager.cs:153)
FMODUnity.EventManager:Update() (at Assets/Plugins/Editor/FMOD/EventManager.cs:640)

Check that the version of the integration has the same major version, or newer, as the Studio version used to build the banks.

. HI Cameron,

I am using the newest integration, so per your advice, it should work.

The project opens with no FMOD menu. I created an empty project, integrated, FMOD menu appears. Go back to project, FMOD menu appears but does not see banks of studio project, the project that FMOD settings is pointing to. When I re-open, no FMOD menu.

New machine has Mojave, it is an i7 MacBook Pro. Old machine, high Sierra, mid 2011.

No FMOD menu generally means there is a compiler error, check the Unity console for any errors and warnings.