One spatializer for an entire group of events?

In regards to optimization, is it possible to let’s say, have an entire scene of 3D objects with the same spatialization settings, all sent to a group with the same spatializer?

Keeping in mind that many of these objects will be playing audio in the scene at the same time.

Currently each event has it’s own spatializer, but many of them have the same settings, and I’m wondering if it’s possible and will aid in optimization of my project to send several events to a group with the one spatializer.

Thank you!

I’m not clear on what you’re asking for. Are you saying that you have a large number of event instances that share the same in-game co-ordinates, and which therefore all need to be panned and attenuated in the exact same way at all times? Or are you saying that you have a large number of events which should all follow the same set of rules for determining how they’re panned and attenuated, but which are in different locations in your game and therefore need to be panned and attenuated independently?

If you’re asking for the former, the easiest solution is to use event instruments. Create a parent event, and add one event instrument for each event you want to spatialize to that parent event. Then, add a spatializing effect to the parent event. Because all the event instances spawned by event instruments are routed into the parent event instance, their mixed signals will all pass through the parent event’s spatializing effect, and so be spatialized the same way.

If you’re instead asking for the latter, the kind of optimization your are asking for is physically impossible. Spatializing a signal means panning and attenuating it to sound as if it is coming from one specific direction and distance; if you want different event instances to sound like they’re coming from different directions and distances, the only option is for the spatialization to take place inside each of those event instances.

That being said, you can potentially use preset effects to reduce the amount of time and effort required to set up your project’s spatializing effects, thus optimizing your own time: Simply set your spatializer settings once, mark the spatializer effect as a preset effect, and drag that preset effect into every event that requires it.

Yeah it was the latter. Good to know it’s impossible. Thanks Joseph