Optimizing EQ for 7.1


We’re working on a game where I’m currently looking into optimizing performance.
We’ve now added 7.1 and I realized that maybe all the EQs (which we use quite often) might quite uneccessarily be running on all the 8 channels because the project is running in 7.1.

So Im wondering if putting the EQ before the spatializer makes it process in depending on the input channels (1 channel for mono source and 2 for stereo)?
And if putting it after the spatializer in a 7.1 project makes it process all 8 channels?
Because then it seems like it would process like 4 or 8 times the amount of channels uneccessarily.

Example of EQ before spatializer:

Example of EQ after spatializer:

So I’m thinking I might go through and move all the EQs before the spatializer in the project in that case.
We have like 7000+ events in the project though, so if you know any automated way to move the EQs to the start of the chain for all the events (or the spatializer to the end of the chain) it would be very helpful :slight_smile:

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Your logic with regards to the EQ needing to process additional channels in 7.1 is correct.

While it would be possible to theoretically use the Studio Scripting API to automate reordering EQs before Spatializers in your project, given the sheer amount of events that would need to be changed, I would recommend doing some tests with a smaller subset of events first to determine whether or not the optimization is impactful enough to be worth attempting to automate.

Otherwise, if you haven’t already, it may be worth using the Profiler to record a profiler session while connected to your game and see whether you can identify any problem areas with it.

Okay! Thanks for the info mate! :slight_smile: