Ability to specify spatializer output setting


In a 7.1 project I’m looking to have several quad events (quad in and out at the master) and was wondering if I can set the FMOD Spatializer to quad so that it’s not upmixing to 7.1 and then immediately downmixing to quad again. The events’ signal path will remain quad throughout the mixer structure as well, until the final master output which is 7.1.

I noticed the 3D Object Spatializer will auto-conform to the master’s input format and wondered if there’s anyway to get the normal Spatializer to do the same, or if that functionality could be added in future versions.


The spatializer’s output is fixed to be either Stereo, 5.1 surround, or 7.1 surround. It’s not possible to set the spatializer to 4.0 surround. We’ve not really heard of the need for 4.0 surround spatializers so it’s not on our roadmap.

An alternative to the 4.0->7.1->4.0 signal chain would be to have your own “spatializer” by automating a bus panner by the direction/orientation/elevation of the event instance.