Fmod Studio 2.02.19: Spatializer NOT PANNING in Surround 4.0

Hello Gus,
Another extremely troubling issue I have been experiencing lately is the Fmod Spatiliazer effect not working at all. I have been attempting to create a fourchannel audio sound design with several mono tracks but when I pan the track to a certain speaker it continues to play in all four speakers as if I had done nothing. At first it seemed to be caused by the Envelopment and the LFE but the problem is persisting and I am clueless as to the source of the deficiency. A swift resolution would be greatly appreciated!!!

Does the event contain any sends, transceiver effects, object spatializer effects, resonance audio effects, or other effects that might bypass the event’s normal routing path?

Two tracks contain a reverb however both of these tracks are intended as full quadro. Other than that the only other effect that are applied are the compressor or sidechain depending on which track is observed. Does the compressor or reverb (even if in the incorrect track) prevent the spatializer from functioning ? Otherwise neither of the two events in question are tied to any such effects themselves. I checked the mixer to be sure.

In that case, I’m afraid we’ll need more information about the content and structure of your event to diagnose this issue. Are you able to upload a copy of the project containing the event to the uploads section of your profile page for us to examine, or to post screenshots of the event’s signal chains here?