Multiple Listeners and Multiple Outputs

Hello dear FMOD community!

I am trying to figure out if the following is possible:

FMOD + Unity: Multiple listeners, BUT also multiple outputs.

scenario: We have multiple players (audio only VR space), each with it’s on pair of headphones.
therefore: we have positions tracked of each player (1 listener per player), and we want to output the listeners information to the corresponding headphones the player is wearing.

So questions are:

  1. is there a possibility to “route” a listener to certain output channels?
  2. additionally: is there a possibilty to “subscribe” an listener only to certain events (therefore ignoring not subscribed events)?


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There is no real easy way to do this because each FMOD system will only output to one audio device.

You would need to have a new system for each output you wanted, basically treating them as separate instances of the game networked together. Because FMOD systems are isolated from each other you’ll have to load data twice, and keep the synchronized manually if you want the same event playing in both.

ok, thank you for your response. i was afraid that might be the case.