OutputRingBuffer::read : Insufficient buffer size detected, requested 45056 bytes, buffer size is 32768 bytes

After I upgrade fmod from 2.00.12 to 2.00.13.

The sound became not fluent ,there are a lot of make-and-breaks. And it logs the warning.

Even I upgrade to 2.00.19,the problem still exist.

My device : HUAWEI Mate 10

I find there is:
Unity - GameCore - Add resonance audio support.

GameCore - Added support for decoding Opus compressed FSBs / Banks using platform hardware acceleration on Scarlett devices. This is a preview release of this feature, please report any bugs found directly to FMOD support email.

in release note.

So,I want to close thease feature to test if they cause the problem.How can i do?

I find someone have the same problem :

But he use 2.01.06.

I don’t know if you fix the bug in 2.01.07 or later.Can you fix it in 2.00 later?

Hi xushunwang

The issue you linked to only affected the device while the screen was locked - is that what you are encountering?

The relevant part of the release notes for 2.00.13 would be:

  • Core API - Android - Reduce popping encountered on certain handsets by dynamically adjusting latency.
  • Core API - Android - Fix issue where regular gaps in audio were encountered on handsets with using very large burst sizes.
  • Core API - Android - Fix issue where System::mixerSuspend would fail on certain handsets.

Its surprising that the audio became worse with 2.00.13. If you can’t upgrade higher, you may want to try https://fmod.com/resources/documentation-api?version=2.0&page=core-api-system.html#system_setoutput setting to FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_OPENSL

If you could send us the log with the warnings, that will also help us to know what is happening.

I mean we have the same log :OutputRingBuffer::read xxxxx.But I don’t know if we have the same reason.

And if I change the OutPutType to OPENSL,it will be fine.

Here is the log when I playing the sound in my phone:

fmodtest.log (111.9 KB)

I have send the example to support@fmod.com with title “OutputRingBuffer bug example”.

Hi xushunwang,

Thanks for the log - we have an idea of what might be happening. We have a fix that we are looking at, hopefully it will be available for the next release.