Override Default Orientation Panning - 3D Panner - Unity

Hey All,

In a 1st person situation using Unity, is there a way to specify the panning behavior that you get with the 3D panner when looking around with the mouse? I know I know that I can add automation based on event orientation to listener, but I’m trying to lessen the effect, so what I’m doing there is not getting heard or being overridden.


Can you elaborate on what you want to change about the panning behaviour?

Hi Nicholas - Thanks

I’m using a stereo output by the way (this is for a headphones only application, so needs to be stereo). I want to reduce the amount of attenuation that happens when the camera rotates away from a source. If the camera is looking perpendicular to an emitter, the opposite channel can be attenuated almost fully (so when the emitter is 90 degrees to camera’s right, I’m hearing mostly just the right channel). This makes sense of course, but it might be better for me if this effect were reduced. Any way to keep the 3d panner, but change that specific behavior?

Many Thanks!

It sounds like the pan override percentage might be what your after. If you click the white triangle on the top of the 3D Panner you will see a dial you can bring up to mix in the original unpanned signal.