Spatializer issue in compatibility with Unity

Hello !
I’m desining sound for a 3D FPS game run on Unity and I’ve been having problems with 3D panning.
When standing in the middle of my studio event emitter sphere, the sound still pans slightly as i move the camera, even though I’ve got my values in the spatializer set on max sound size and 360 min extent. The panning behaves unsually. It feels like some “parts” of the sounds are being taken away as i move the camera, but it’s still quite subtle. I don’t have any parameters set within the fmod project, and no pan override. What could be causing this issue ? I’d really appreciate if someone could shine some light on this, thanks.

It sounds like the event emitter isn’t updating its location at the same rate the camera is moving. Is there a reason you have a 3D event following the camera this closely? Could it be made to 2D?

I would recommend recording a Live Update profiler session and see what is happening. See where this event instance is created and how it moves around the 3D preview, you might see if it is moving smoothly or not.