Overriding 3D spatialization

In the question, Gino gave some details on how the 3D panning is implemented. He said

FMOD Studio’s panner effect module can be swapped out with custom
spatialization plugins which will also listen to the position of the
event. Plugins can therefore be used to perform HRTFs, geometry-based
early reflections, distance filtering, etc…

How does one create a new 3D panner that replaces the default 3D panner? I can see from the fmod_distance_filter plugin how to access the 3D attributes of the attached event, but it’s not clear to me how that interacts with the existing 3D panner.

Studio sees the built-in 3D Panner much like the distance filter plug-in, there is nothing which tells Studio it is a 3D Panner. Each effect which has 3D position as a parameter type will automatically be fed the event’s 3D position and there can be as many of these effects in your event as you like. There is no interaction between different 3D effects.

If you were to add a custom 3D panner to your Event’s master track without deleting the 3D panner, the event would be panned once through the built-in panner and a second time through the custom panner which is probably not what you want. You would need to delete the built-in 3D Panner to have the custom panner take its place.