3d Object Panner sounds same of 3D panner. Help!

I’m pretty new to FMOD, so I feel like maybe I have missed a step when using the 3D object panner. I am doing a VR instalment and tried a simple test with a few of the spatializer. Firstly, I tried just the FMOD 3D Panner as a reference. When I then changed the event to use the 3d Object Panner and put this new event into Unity, it sounded the same. For example, when I had the omitting sound object directly behind me, it sounded as though it was right in front (which is also what it was doing with the 3D Panner). I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Is there some C# code I am meant to use when using the 3D Object Panner?
I also then tried the Oculus spatializer and this worked exactly how I needed. However, this instalment (game) is going to be on a few different platforms, so I would like to use something that can work for Android and Vive too (And that doesn’t have combing issues).

FMOD Studio 1.08.03
Unity 5

The object panner works with specific backends. At the moment they are Dolby Atmos, and Sony Playstation VR. If you don’t have either of those it falls back to the 3d panner.