Overview of obsolete API stuff when upgraded to 2.0?


I really want to upgrade my current project to FMOD 2.0, but I’m not sure how much stuff I need to change in my scripts in Unity to make sure the project works like in 1.10.10.

Is there somewhere an overview of stuff that has been replaced, so I can make sure I update everything in my scripts?

Nikolaj de Haan

I’m having the same problem, but there is a documentation with all the API changes made with 2.0:


There are even new example scripts in the Unity guide:


Unfortunately I’m not a programmer and don’t really understand which new code is equivalent to which old one. I also created a thread about that topic yesterday:

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So far, the main thing I’ve had to change in my scripts is ‘.setParameterValue(string eventname, float newvalue);’ to ‘.setParameterByName(string eventname, float newvalue, bool ignoreseekspeedornot);’

Hope that helps, also hi Nikolaj :wink:

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Thank you Henry.

I might try updating to 2.0 one day when I feel brave :slight_smile: