Upgrading from 1.0 - 2.0 issues


We are updating a Unity project from FMOD 1.0 to FMOD 2.0, and finding that our scripts for 1.0 aren’t compatible with 2.0 as the access to EventInstances seems to have been removed. Please see the following method - this does not work in 2.0, but did work in 1.0. I have marked the errors we receive. Could you please help walk us through how to update this method for 2.0? Thank you!

Code is linked here: CodePile | Easily Share Piles of Code

Thank you in advance!

You must be updating from a quite old version, I’d highly recommend checking out our documentation, also the basic usage example should help.

  • To create an EventInstance, use RuntimeManager.createInstance
  • To check validity use .isValid() instead of a null check
  • Setting parameters is done directly on an EventInstance by ID or name, see this guide for details about the new parameter API.