Packaging desktop banks for mobile

Is there any way to avoid packaging desktop banks when building a mobile package? The intended packaging workflow suggests to include the FMOD folder in packaging (which adds both banks to the package)

Only including the FMOD\Mobile directory appears to fix this, but this means PC packages will fail.

Basically, is there a way to only package the Desktop banks for PC builds and only package Mobile banks for mobile builds?

Unfortunately UE4 doesn’t provide any nice ways to do this automatically.

They have a couple of recommendations:

  1. Only include the specific platform bank directory, as you have. The downside here is you need to change it when you want to target another platform.
  2. Create platform specific .ini files by hand that override the global setting. There is no way for us do this for you in our editor integration, nor any nice editor GUI for doing the same. You can read about platform specific ini files in the unreal docs, the setting you need to override per platform is DirectoriesToAlwaysStageAsUFS.

I’m hoping that Epic will address this shortcoming and allow us to make this easier for you in the future.

Oh, neat! I didn’t know their .ini’s worked that way. We’re pretty comfortable editing those by now, so #2 is a good solution for us. Thank you!