UE4.16.2, FMOD 1.09.05, Building a Switch package stages Desktop, Mobile and Switch folder banks


When making a build of our game on Switch, the Project/Content/Fmod folder contains the Desktop, Mobile and Switch banks which massively increases the size of our project.

The Switch banks folder is just the Mobile folder that I’ve duplicated and renamed.

Is there perhaps a config setting I’ve overlooked when setting up our project for Switch that makes this the case? Have I implemented Switch banks incorrectly?


Using information from this thread we managed to stop packaging three folders worth of banks by doing the following:

  1. Created a “SwitchGame.ini” file in Project/Config/Switch

  2. Added the following to SwitchGame.ini

    Ran a Build/Cook/Stage/Package as usual. Our file size is now far more in line with expected results!