Pan Override Mix knob automation not working as expected

Hi all,

I have a sound with a parameter called ‘3D’, that controls the Mix knob of the Pan Override on the Spatializer plugin. When the parmeter is false/0, the mix is 100%, and when the parameter is true/1, the mix is 0%. This is my way of making an event play in 3D or not (which is a requirement).

This works like a charm in FMOD studio, but when I go to Unreal, setting this parameter doesn’t seem to do anything. I know for sure because I set the spatialization of the pan override to hard right and it still played center. When I set the overall panning (in the bottom right) to far right, it plays far right, so I know in principle the stereo-ness works, it just seems like automating the mix knob is failing.

This is the code I’m using to set the parameter:

AC->SetParameter(FName(“3D”), 0.f);

The parameter “3D” is a named parameter with two values, true/1 and false/0.

The listener has no override, although in principle that shouldn’t matter if the pan is being overriden… right? Am I missing something (or is there a simpler way to set the 3D-ness of an audio component’s event)?

I’m afraid we don’t have enough information about your game to say why this is happening.

It might be worth double-checking that you’re setting the parameter value for the correct event and event instance. It might also be worth checking that setting the parameters of other events works correctly.

Well, I was writing out a more detailed thing about what exactly I was doing, but while doing so, I figured it out! For anyone else who happens to have the exact set of circumstances I did, if you set the parameter before the audio component has an event, the parameter doesn’t then get applied once the audio component gets an event. I moved my parameter setting to once the audio component has an event and it works fine now. That also explains why my other parameters were working; my 3D parameter is a set it an forget it, so it was at the beginning, while the others were constantly being changed after it had an event.

Thanks Joseph!