Parameter conditions

Hello. Is there option to set parameter condition to a parameter or is there some workaround I missed?

What I’m trying to do: I have a scream sound event. Scream has to be heard always when it’s triggered. There is a parameter player_in_love and second parameter player_scream_attenuation. Player_scream_attenuation has volume automation but it has to work only in case when player_in_love is set to 1. So if player_in_love is set to 0-0.99, it ignores automation on the other parameter.

I will appreciate every help.

So there is a functional workaround. Inside player_in_love parameter there can be two referenced events, one will react to player_screm_attenuation and one which will not do that. But I’d need to edit about hundred events… So if there’s more simple way to achieve this I’d be pleased to know ;]

If you’re setting your parameters from your game’s code, there is no way to make them only change value if other parameters were within specific ranges; our assumption is that if you’re setting a parameter from code, you must have a good reason for doing so.

If you’re setting parameter from within an FMOD Studio, either by using a command instrument or parameter automation, you have more options available. The method you have already discovered would work, of course; if you were using a command instrument to set the parameter value, putting a parameter trigger condition on that command instrument would allow you to prevent it from triggering under the relevant circumstances; and the conflict resolution logic for automation means that automating a parameter on another parameter can be used to mitigate the effect of other automation on the same parameter.

If you’ve already built the events in question, however, there is no way to get around going through each event and manually editing it, or creating a script that does that for you.

Thanks for your reply, Joseph.

Yeah I get it. I also like to have things ready to implement with help from our programmers. But then we have Command Instruments so we have more creative freedom and also bigger responsibility. So if we have Trigger Conditions for instruments then being able to set Conditions for parameters doesn’t sound unreal to me. But I totally get your position and after all FMOD is here to make our lives easier and feature like that may be overcomplicating things.

Thanks, being able to create custom scripts is something I wanted to try but I didn’t have much reasons. This may be one of them so I’ll give that a shot. Have a nice day!