"ParameterInstance" unavailable

Hi people,

When trying to call a parameter in an event I have a problem with the following lines:

FMOD.Studio.EventInstance CarMotor;
FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance RPM; //It doesn't work (1)

void Awake()
    CarMotor = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance ("event:/Car Motor");
    CarMotor.getParameter("RPM", out RPM);//It doesn't work (2)

Apparently, FMOD 2.0 uses other methods for that.

(1) Instead of ParameterInstance, the options offered are: PARAMETER_ID, PARAMETER_FLAGS, PARAMETER_TYPE, PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION.

(2) Instead of getParameter, I get ‘getParameterByID’ and ‘getParameterByName’.

Please help.

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FMOD 2.0 introduced a new Parameter API, you can read more about the changes in the What’s New section of the FMOD API User Manual.