Parameters not changing on Unity

Hello. I’m new to Fmod.

I’m using Unity 5.2.0f3 and Fmod Studio 1.07.06.

I’ve been doing some nice project on Fmod for music transitions depending on the intensity of a battle on a game (5 levels of intensity) and a parameter (1 to 5) of the intensity. It works perfect on Fmod. I built, saved, and went to unity to import. I followed everything that’s said on the getting started page and had the begining of the song playing.

But when it comes to change the parameter “intensity” slider while playing the game, seems nothing happens. It’s like stuck in the first loop and doesn’t move on to another as it was supposed to do. But when I start the game in a higher intensity, it plays the higher loop, but still stuck in it. So, it seems I have only a problem when it changes the parameter.

Do I need to use any codes? Because I’m just testing on the slider it has on the Emitter.
Also, I downloaded the Roll a Ball example that has on Fmod download page and it seems it has the same issue, as the ball rolling sound is stuck at the same loop and doesn’t change according to it’s speed, as it is supposed to do.

So I wonder what is happening? If also the example project isn’t working…


The parameters you set on the emitter component are only applied when the sound is started. Parameter value changes are designed to respond to game play events, and tweaking the value in the inspector while the game is running in-editor is not exactly game play.

You need some familiarity with scripting or unity level editing to do parameter changes. See

As for the rollaball demo there’s a issue with the way it calculates the speed, rather than any issue with changing parameter values.