.pdb file for resonanceaudio.dll

Hey! We are building a Unity game on Xbox One / Scarlett and getting issues from GDK validator, since we don’t have .pdb for resonanceaudio.dll

We have .pdb for fmod.dll, fmodL.dll, fmodstudio.dll, fmodstudioL.dll already shipped, but resonanceaudio is missing for some reason. Can you provide it to us?

Xbox One resonanceaudio.dll SHA1: 9308b464016b001e11b910ee20a3c396fba22ef5
Xbox Scarlett resonanceaudio.dll SHA1: 97c7bbda0114c694d34830a6ca8ec92279b791bb
FMOD Studio Unity Integration Version 2.01.07


We have the exact same problem, with the same exact FMOD Studio Unity Integration Version: 2.01.07.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Daniel, I’ve attached the symbols to your fmod.com account. Look for them in the Uploads tab of your Profile page.

Hey we also have this issue.

Could the files be linked to my fmod account please Andrew?

Could you email sales@fmod.com to sort out your license status first please? Thanks.

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