Perfect Beat Tracking in Unity?

Just putting this down here as in our project we had quite severe issues with music tracks going out of sync. The best way for us to reproduce these issues was to spam pausing our game, which uses setPaused for the buses.

Out of sync here meaning that the values that we got from the callbacks looked correct, but the music sounded way off. Also, the different layers (or tracks) within the FMOD event were clearly not in sync with each other often after this.

What fixed these issues was to se the priority of the music event to “Highest”. I’ve noticed it on some other posts but decided to put it here as off-sync is critical on rhythm-based games.

Thanks for the useful info! If you don’t already know, setting “Persistent” on the FMOD Events to On helps as well, it keeps the track playing even if it’s muted or the volume falls below -80 dB.