Perforce integration bug when replacing audio files


steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. open a project that is properly configured for Perforce integration, containing at least one audio file
  2. open the Audio Bin
  3. right-click on an audio file and choose “Replace…” from the contextual menu
  4. select a new audio file
  5. exit FMOD Studio, saving changes
  6. Open P4V

Expected result:
In the pending changelist of P4V, I should see:

  1. the old audio file in the “Audio Asset” folder, marked for delete
  2. the new audio file in the “Audio Asset” folder, marked for add
  3. an xml file in the “Metadata” folder, marked for edit

Actual result:
Although a new audio file has been created in the “Audio Asset” folder, the new file is not marked for add. If I commit the pending changelist, the version of the project on the P4 depot is now inconsistent, since the replaced audio file will now be missing from the depot.

Thanks for the bug report. We have reproduced the issue and it will be fixed in our next patch release 1.07.08. In the meantime, you can use the “Identify Local Changes” function that is accessible via the source control context menu in the Event Browser.

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