Problem with Perforce and FMOD in project folder

Sorry to bother about this topic, but every time I recompile our UE4 project having FMOD in the project folder, we have to recompile their classes too so I have to commit this changes every time to Perforce (we have to check out FMOD code each time, and we have text+writable as filetype). We avoid this kind of behaviour just using Engine Plug In folder instead the projects. Do you have any aidea why we are having this problem and how to solve it please? Thank you very much in advance!

The only time the Integration should recompile is if the code base changes.
Are you able to diff the Integration at all to see if anything is changing?

No changes in fmod source code. Sorry for anwering so late :frowning: Actually we changed the FMOD plug in directly in the UE4 folder installation instead the project to avoid this but we are interested in this anyway if you know how to solve it. Thanks in advance!