Pitch modulation causes simple sound to repeat

I used Designer/Ex for a few projects a couple of years ago, but i’m now getting round to learning Studio. I have a simple one-shot sound, so I’ve created an event, with a single track and a single sound in the timeline. No game parameters. I want to add some pitch randomisation, so I click on the sound in the track, the sound appears in the Deck. In the Deck I right click on pitch, Add Modulation > Random. The random dial appears, I turn it up and the green random-range indicator appears on the Pitch control. Great so far.

However, when I play the event, if the pitch shift is positive (i.e. higher pitch so shorter duration), the sound will repeat then cut off when the playhead reaches the end of blue audio region in the track. Conversely if the pitch shift is negative (lower pitch and longer duration) the sound does not play to completion, it is cut off when the playhead reaches the end of the blue audio region.

How can I set this so that the single sound will play to completion once only regardless of pitch? it seems like a really basic thing, but I’ve looked through the controls, menus and manual but can’t find anything.

Thanks, Jim

From your description, you must be using timelocked sound modules. You should be able to solve the problem by replacing them with sound modules that aren’t timelocked, so replace your single sound modules with multi sound modules. As long as they contain the same audio file everything should work the way you want it to.

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Yes, that’s it. Thanks!