[Resolved] Getting some unwanted noise when playing a sound

I have a wave file which is a gunshot tail, so it starts off loud and fades out over time. Adding it to a timeline parameter as a simple event has issues. In fmod studio editor it plays fine, in the game the sound hitches at the end. It kind of sounds like it’s looping the beginning of the wave for a bit before ending.

I have to rather aggressively move the end of the event in on the timeline by about 100 ms to fix it.

The amount of hitch at the end also seems to change based on where in the timeline it was placed. Placing it at 0 on the timeline tends to play with the least hitches. Moving it to about 50 ms will give it an ending hitch.

I’m going to guess there is a frame-time dependent bug.

Sorry for taking a while to get to this issue. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce it here. Would it be possible for you to email a project that exhibits the issue to support@fmod.org ?

This seems to have been fixed in 1.1.1

Great, that’s good to hear! I’m marking this issue as resolved - please let us know if it pops up again.

It popped up again. I have an event where there is a timeline-locked wav playing (you can see the waveform in the trigger region) - but it has pitch randomness applied to it. It seems like that if the pitch gets randomized upwards, the sample gets shorter (as it’s resampled upwards), but the trigger region’s length is retained, so the sample loops over and you hear a bit of the beginning of the sample before the trigger region ends on the timeline.

At least it seems like so. Can’t be sure what’s happening under the hood. But when I changed the timeline locked sample to a multi sound (with that same sample, and randomized pitch), the problem disappeared.

Yes, this is happening in latest version as well.