Playback randomly stops

Hey, everyone! I have an issue with FMOD. Playback randomly stops. It happens only with 3d events, 2d events are okay.

Please, help. I have tried both 20007 and 20004 versions.

It sounds like you are modulating the pitch of the single instrument? Is that right? In that case I think that when your pitch is above 0st your audio file will be shorter than the loop region (modulating the pitch doesn’t time-stretch the audio file), that’s why there is a gap in the playback at the end of the loop region.

As Alexzzen says, it sounds very much like you’ve applied a random modulator to the instrument’s pitch. Pitch adjustment affects the amount of time a sound file takes to finish playing, so whenever it plays at a higher than average pitch the audio file is reaching its end before the timeline playback position reaches the end of the loop region. (It also means that when playing at a lower pitch, the end of the audio file is being cut off whenever playback loops.)

Replace the instrument with an asynchronous multi instrument, set its playlist to loop, then select the audio file in its playlist add the random modulator to that entry’s pitch property. If you do this, you’l find that the audio file plays to completion each time and loops without gaps, while still randomizing the pitch of each play-through.

Thank you VERY MUCH!