Plans to Offer FMOD Studio for Linux via Flatpak or Snap?

Hello - are there any plans to offer FMOD Studio as a Flatpak or Snap app?

(I ask because it would be a huge help towards syncing my Windows and Linux dev environments and making them equally easy to work on.)

This is not something that is currently on our road map.
I will create a task to add this for a future version, although I cannot guess on a time frame at this point.

We released FMOD Studio for linux in 2.02.00 as a deb package. While it is a debian based format, most distributions are based on debian or have a way to work with deb packages (dpkg/alien/aur - depends on your particular distribution).

Snap isn’t a workable solution - it’s lack of proper support of pulseaudio makes it an unviable option. We haven’t investigated Flatpak, but its hosting requirements may present too great a hurdle for the number of potential users.