Play Event 2D triggering an event with a 3D Panner

Hi All,

I need some help understanding the behaviour of the “Play Event 2D” function available in Unreal blueprints.

My (quite possibly wrong!) expectation would be that triggering an FMOD event which has a 3D Panner on it with the “Play Event 2D” function would override all 3D parameters and simply play the event in 2D.

The behaviour I am getting, however, is that the sound will not be audible at all. I am unsure yet whether it is not playing the sound outright, or it is just applying attenuation which makes it inaudible.

I have two methods of getting around this currently:

  • Have one event for 2D and one event for 3D.
  • Modulate the Pan Override for the event by a parameter.

Please could somebody let me know if I am misunderstanding the “Play Event 2D” function?

Here are some repro steps to demonstrate the behaviour:

1. Create an event in FMOD which has a 3D Panner.
2. Hook up the FMOD event in an Unreal blueprint, using “Play Event 2D”.
3. Press Play on the Unreal project and cause the FMOD event to trigger.

Nothing is audible when the FMOD event is triggered.

Expected Results:
Because “Play Event 2D” was used, FMOD should override any 3D panning and play the event in 2D.


Due to the name of the function it has different result than expected.

It is intended for use with 2D events, without having to attach an object or location.
It should really be called “Play2DEvent()”.

The easiest way to play a 3D event 2D would be to attach it to the player/listener in game.