Playable Instrument in FMOD

Hi! We want to make a mobile flute-playing game where the player can improvise in a certain key range, play very long notes, and pitch bend as much as the key range. I tried to make it happen in FMOD but couldn’t find a way. Could you recommend a source or explain to me the way to succeed in this matter?

You could treat FMOD like a sampler, and add a parameter sheet for your notes, with each parameter value triggering a different note sample.
We have an example of how to achieve this with a piano in our Unity Feature Demo, and if you open the FMOD Studio project in that and go to the Basic Rooms>Sound Module Room>Piano event you can see how to set that up:

As for the pitch bending, that would just be a matter of adding another parameter to automate the Pitch of your event.

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It is so nice! Thank you, Jeff. I will check that.

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